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Jan 09, 2013 - 1 comments

HSG was done today.  No pain at all, though they did give me a numbing shot.  I'll get the full report in a couple of days but the dr. said my tubes are clear and that I was a model patient!

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by tonyw1966, Jun 15, 2013
That is great news to hear, congratulations! I had a very good last couple of days. I am getting my sense of humor back after missing it for several years and have made new facebook friends. I watched a couple of movies with my room mates tonight and had a great dinner. My daughter took me out to lunch for an early Father's Day deal to avoid the rush on Sunday. The weather was great, I have been sleeping ok, the pain is bad but I have enough pain killers to dull it enough to have a life. I actually went for a couple of walks, which is great considering I am usually bedridden. Fell me in when you get your full report!

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