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Mar 15, 2008 - 10 comments

Wow--I am in shock still after learning that I am carrying triplets, and that only 2 may be viable. Have been referred to perinatologist to monitor my health and the babies'. I do feel so blessed, but also a bit overwhelmed!

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by Jackson_Angel, Mar 15, 2008
Hang in there and think positive ~ did you see Oprah's Secret show..??..  ( ~ it's something worth watching ~ and getting the goal board I guess is something I'll have to do ~

Wish you the best!!

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by MPA, Mar 15, 2008
WOW Congrats and take it easy. A lot to digest but place everything in God's hands and it will all work out.
Yes indeed you are a blessed woman. One day at a time okay.

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by JoyRenee, Mar 15, 2008
You should speak with Brown_Eyed_Gurl. This happened to her.

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by jesslee83, Mar 15, 2008
1 is better than none, 2 is better than 1!!! so if only 2 are viable of 3, i'd still call jackpot/bingo!!!!! congrats!!! hope all goes well with the other 2 miracles you have!!!

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by HeathJo, Mar 15, 2008
Thanks you guys. You are all wonderful :-)

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by sam75, Mar 15, 2008
wow, great news. what a blessing. your in my prayers....

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by katebud, Mar 16, 2008
Wow, you are one blessed lady!  :D  Congratulations, and keep us posted!  

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by Brown Eyed Gurl, Mar 17, 2008
congrats I was 8 weeks when we saw our pecious baby # 3...good luck and congrats

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by jnitro26, Mar 17, 2008
triplets!!! oh my gosh, i am so happy for you, hang in there girl

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by agamommy, Mar 18, 2008
WOW! I was reading your story and was waiting to hear what happened at your ultrasound. I am so happy for you. You are going to be a busy mom. Congrats. Get lots of rest. God Bless You and your little ones.

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