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ok, well ....

Nov 05, 2007 - 0 comments

This is my first ever journal entry so im not sure what im supposed to write about but ... here goes.

My names Natalie as my username may have implied haha and i got started on this website when i did a search to find out whether some of my symptoms indicated pregnancy. This was only around a week ago, when i wasn't due on i was just having some cramps as though my period was about to begin, feeling nauseous and tender breasts, lower back pain etc but was abit too early and aunt flo still hasn't come to visit as yet. I have already taken one hpt which was negative but may have been a little early so im just waiting now for the right moment to test. Waiting, hoping, wishing, praying haha!

All i've ever really wanted was to be a mommy and have a family ever since i was little, which is very weird and sometimes complicated for people to understand as i could be going to uni soon, but i'd rather give it all up for a child. Some people cant understand that, but its just the way i feel. So everyone cross your fingers for me... :)

I'm hoping to meet lots of new friends for discussions, opinions, advice, friendship, laughs and stories to share.

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