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2 Girls with Normal Chromosomes :)

Feb 26, 2009 - 5 comments

I am very very very happy today.  We just got the final chromosome tests results back for our twins and both have completely normal chromosomes.    Each baby girl has 46 unchanged, normal chromosomes :)))))

Now I can finally put all those weeks of worrying in the past behind me!  I hope none of you have to go through that kind of worrying because it is really really really really hard...

What a bummer that I cant open a bottle of champagne that we have in the house.  This is the special occasion that would warrant such a great bottle.  :)  

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by cure65roses, Feb 26, 2009
I just want to say how much your sharing all this has meant to me.  I am so very worried about my twins NT scan next week.  (Because I'll be 36 at the time of delivery.) And just reading your posts has meant so much to me that there really can be some light at the end of the tunnel.  CONGRATULATIONS!  And you're getting two perfect little girls.  So extremely happy for you.  BTW~ are your girls fraternal or identical?  (Mine are fraternal which means if we do the CVS or amnio there's two sticks.  And more risky.  And if you lose one as a result of the cvs or amnio, most likely would lose the other as well.  Scary)

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by pookie1121, Feb 26, 2009
Hi 35MomOfBoys

Most likely our girls are fraternal.  They have their own placentas and own sacks so there is highest probability that they are fraternal....but it is still possible that they are identical if the egg had split within the first 3 days or so....  Both my doctor and the specialist (who gave the 2nd opinion and did the CVS) both had told us the same thing, that if the babies are both the same sex, then the only way to know for sure is to do DNA testing after they are born.

I know what you mean about having to do the CVS or amnio twice.  I was also worried and never had wanted or planned to do any invasive testing.  But after the unnerving news about the NT measurements, it became more probable.  Then after the specialist gave us better odds, we felt better but I knew to really have peace of mind, we had to do it....and I felt comfortable with him.  The risk factor is about the same for both if you have a qualified person doing it.  In many cases only specialists will do it on multiples because it is much more complicated than doing either procedure on a singleton pregnancy.

I am glad we went through with the CVS because it really gave me my pregnancy back.  All that worrying had consumed me.  All I could search the internet for was chromosome problems, people with down twins, etc.  Now I google twin strollers and pictures of people with twin bellies :)  Although some of those twin belly pictures are also pretty scary!  ha!

When is your appt next week?

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by kmcarino, Feb 26, 2009
Congratulations!!  I am so happy for you!

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by cure65roses, Feb 26, 2009
My NT scan is Tuesday.  I doubt they will do the first trimester bloodwork they normally do, because I hear with twins it's not really accurate? The neck measurement is the biggest marker.  Fingers crossed.  I have totally been able to relate to how scary that test is.  Especially with twins.  Because if something is wrong with one, it's really not an option to terminate (not that I would anyway) without risking losing the other twin.  

I totally DID NOT KNOW that they can still be identical even though they are in two seperate sacs!  WOW!!!  That's very interesting.  I really think mine are fraternal, though.  Because we had ovarian stimulation and were trying to get multiple eggs to release for our insemination procedure.  But I was at the point where I thought I couldn't even get one, so there's no way I'd end up with multiples.  Especially with my hubby's sperm count that day.  I totally cried the whole day of my procedure thinking it was not going to ever happen for us, after all these brutal months of trying.  (I was so frustrated and had reached a breaking point.)  Boy was I wrong!  TWINS!!  

I think yours really may be identical.  Because look how close in size their necks were!  And the measurements were unusual and rare anyway so for both of them to be so close makes me think identical.  How sweet!!!  Congrats again!

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by pookie1121, Feb 26, 2009
That is correct - they cant do the bloodwork with twins.  They can just do the ultrasound.

Yes, they totally can be identical....but it is unlikely.  I think if they have separate sacs and separate placentas, then the chance that they are fraternal is 90 or 95%...but it is possible that the egg split really early, and then you also get separate placentas and sacs.

Well originally my doctor said most likely they are fraternal.... then she changed her mind when both babies had the higher NT measurements and said that the liklihood that both had chromosome problems (because once again, she assumed that it was chromosome issues causing it and never considered that it wasnt) would be astronomically low if they were fraternal.  When I spoke to the lab today about my chromosome results they said that they couldnt tell me if they were identical or fraternal but that the chromosomes look very similar.  Who knows!

Dont know if it is true, but I read online:  

30% of all twins are IDENTICAL twins, 70% are Fraternal.
30% of THAT 30% that are identical have their own sac and placenta: this means, you have a 9% chance of your babies being identical if they have their own sac and own placenta.

I'll be thinking of you on Tuesday and hope that everything goes well!

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