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Feb 27, 2009 - 0 comments



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Good Food
Breakfast was toast with cheese (I skipped the margarine as I don't normally use it anyway) and a banana and milk smoothie. Lunch was supposed to be a chicken Tandoori open sandwich, but I exchanged the slice of bread for a thin corn wrap, and the tandoori sauce for some Mayo, and put the cup of salad in the wrap with the chicken and the cucumber... viola... chicken and salad wrap. Tonight is steamed salmon with Thai sauce with stir fried veggies.... it will be steamed veggies.

Bad food
I had a beer after work

Feeling a bit stiff today, but emotionally I feel good about having been to a training session.
Today was a busy day, so I kept and eye on my energy levels. It's a real test of this eating plan to see if I can do such intense exercise and still have energy to function, but no problems, I think I'll probably go to bed early though! I managed to do all 10,000 steps on my pedometer today... thanks goodness, so I don't have to jump on the treadmill!

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