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Weighty Issues

Feb 25, 2009 - 0 comments

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Last night I talked to DH about our eating habits. he seemed fairly happy with the way we eat, however I noted that I had gained weight and was back to my old pre-wedding self and wasn't happy about it.

solution: CSIRO total well being diet. we agreed that this sounded like a solution as it isnt a "fad" but a researched, balanced eating plan. The only change for Dave will be his dinner, and as this is planned, he can adjust his lunch/breakfast to suit himself.

I said that I wanted to pick up some healthy recipes at the Newsagent today to have whil waiting for the books to arrive. He seemed reluctant to not be invovled in the menu decision... but I will enjoy it as he has pretty much dictated the menu up until now and it hasn't worked out well for me. so this afternoon I am heading to the newagent, creating a shopping list and then setting the menu for the next three days.

I have also spoken to Caroline who runs the aquarobics about a "pre-pregnancy weightloss" personal training plan. so, that starts Thursday. $30 for the hour isn't bad. This gives me Hash House harriers on Monday, Aquarobics Tuesday, Dog/Bush walk Wednesday, Personal Trainer Thursday, Friday free day (lots of walking around though), Saturday Dog/bush walk, Sunday Free.

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