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Jan 20, 2013 - 0 comments

So, the weight loss is slowing, and i feel like i never have the opportunity to eat the stuff i really want. I mean, icrave burgers, fries, desserts - well i do eat my atkins endulge bars and they taste great, but i feel like the harder i try, the less weight i am able to get off. i know why this is happening. its the carbs. i mean i am eating all the good carbs, only 2 type cereals (protein plus special k, and all bran buds), plus oatmeal, 100% whole wheat bread with high fiber, and lots of fruit, and vegetables. I barely eat any meat too. Mostly just the tuna in the packets that are like 80 calories. I been eating tons of salad too - green leafy salad. s i feel frustrated that this fat pad on my belly is shrinking so slowly. the i have to wonder if it's the steroids making it so much harder. it really may be that, because i have been on the steroids now for 7 months, and so i really may have to go the atkins approach to get the rest of this weight off. i mean i want to lose 40 more pounds or so. i know it is possible, but i dont want to give up my fruit. Just the thought of just eating meat, doesnt excite me so much. i dont know. i cant stop the steroids, b/c my RA wont let me do that. i have to pray on this. i am eating more natural now than i ever have before. i even have my family eating smarter and healthier, at least that which i prepare here at home. i am trying to keep my efforts up and not get discouraged. My skin looks so loose and wrinkly too. my boobs have almost shrunk down completely too. i look a mess. small top and big gut and butt. my midsection is just huge. i am trying to work on it though. i have to be more patient with myself. it will all pay off in the end. I know it will.

Pounds Down
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