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When should I test for HIV?

Jan 26, 2013 - 0 comments

hiv test


HIV Testing


hiv test kits

Many people in Australia are concerned that they may have been infected by the HIV virus as a result of unprotected by sexual intercourse.  Such behavior it is most certainly an indication for HIV testing.  However many individuals are also concerned regarding the HIV status following activities that would not normally be deemed to carry a risk of HIV infection.  Due to the stressful nature of these concerns HIV testing can also relieve anxiety in this situation.  There are no specific HIV symptoms that can reliably identified infection.  Many symptoms that individuals believed to be HIV symptoms are simply those of a common cold, fever or other illness.  In many cases an individual will show no symptoms at all during infection.
The common message is that if you are at all concerned about your HIV status, been leave you have been at risk of infection or wish to ensure that you are  HIV negative in order to protect the future partner then it is time for you to take and a  HIV test.

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