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Not buying more pregnancy tests

Jan 30, 2013 - 0 comments





negative test



I have been trying for some time now.. My last depo shot was in December of 2011 and was on the Nuva Ring until May 2012. Since then we have been having unprotected sex. For the past three months I have been having extremely heavy periods that are nothing but non-stop runny clots. Nothing like my usual normal flow, that comes out steady and paced. My cycle has always been 27 days and I always bleed for 4 full days and spot for a day or two. This past period didn't come until the 35th day. I was excited after the 27th day, thinking I was pregnant, but after taking 1 pregnancy test a day for 5 days and one at the Gyn office, and all of them negative... I just wanted to give up. I am due for another period.. If I still have a 27 day cycle then I am a couple of days late and if my period wants to wait 35+ days then I still have 5 days to go. I am 25 and would love to have my first child. My boyfriend 37 has two already.. But it seems like I just can't get pregnant for him. I am not wasting more money on pregnancy tests.

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