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Feb 03, 2013 - 0 comments

I am drinking over a gallon a day of water and tea.
Back and muscle pain is normal for me so I'm just tracking the really bad days.
I've been taking 0.5 ml of alprazolam at bedtime almost daily.  This too is normal for me.  
Cymbalta is daily.  A real lifesaver for me as far as depression goes.  I've been on it since August and really haven't had depression issues since.  My thinking is quick and it seems like I'm always in a pretty good mood.
I think I've been eating better the past week.  I have some sugar craving.
I am managing the daily chores I need to do but haven't wanted to go anywhere this weekend.  I had plans for lunch with a friend today and it just seemed like too much effort so I cancelled.

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