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day $#@&^%* 22 of no methadone

Mar 03, 2009 - 1 comments

Must be starting to pms again, because I don't feel like such a good sport today about this..The withdrawals have not been as intense as oxy, but DANG..just when you think it's better...sweat, cold, hot, can't sleep, no sleep...but no energy whatsoever!!!!~! that is starting to get to me.  The only thing that helped with that was going out with friends the other night and drinking vodka...paid for that the next day, but felt like a normal fun person for a night..kind of a break from all this.  My arms are starting to hurt again...oh yeah, and the arm I broke last summer and thought it would be a good idea to take my cast off a week early...I'm not even going to go there in the stupidity of what drugs do to your common sense.  I can not quit eating...I think I've gained at least 7lbs this week, I'm obsessed with food. I can hardly keep up on the dishes(also too lazy)because I'm cooking something every 4hrs!!  Really..thought you were supposed to loose your appetite and loose weight, nope, I'm an eating machine. Must be because it gives me comfort, which Ive never been one to do that, and have always been able to eat whatever and not gain a pound..well 40 is around the corner and things are changing, FEED ME!! I really am turning into jabba the couch ****..dang

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by Me967, Mar 03, 2009
Hang in there.  Your doing great!  As for the sleep, cold, sweating thing I've been doing that for years.  ha ha.  Different reasons maybe but, ya it stinks.  LOL  Every now and then I drink too, to cut loose.  Shhhh hee hee hee.  Lately I have not been though due to the diabetes thing.  Yay. Sorry I haven't written in so long.  I was sort of down and out concerning my health and different issues and didn't think you needed it along with everything else at the time.  I told you, you were a fighter though!  22 day,  Bo Wha Baby!!!!!!  Whoa!  Just thought I would swing by and say hi.  Take care and I'll Catch ya later;  Amy.   ;~)

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