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Feb 07, 2013 - 1 comments

The irritability set in this week.  Working while feeling this way is a challenge and it's been hard to keep my mouth in check.  I vent to my supervisor which seems to help.  I'm not sure that people understand that these drugs affect you in so many ways.  It probably sounds like I have an excuse for everything.  
Annoying symptoms I've noticed is a general weakness and a constant mild headache.  It takes effort to walk to the restroom as I just don't feel "normal".  Almost like I could collapse, but not really.  Weird.
I had my first CBC and saw that some levels dropped and one was just below the normal range.  I didn't get a call so it appears it didn't raise any red flags with the NP.
I stayed home today and thought I might try to run a couple errands but slept all day.  

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by nzkiwilife, Feb 08, 2013
Hang in there! You're doing really well . I have been feeling weak too but couldn't manage going to work. Symptoms seem to come and go.

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