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Day two of H. Pylori treatment

Feb 08, 2013 - 1 comments

H. Pylori




peptic ulcer



It's day two, and unfortunately I feel nauseous this morning prior to taking the antibiotics :(  I am a bit constipated, however, I did have a small bowel movement this morning.  I had some lower abdominal cramping yesterday late afternoon.  I am light headed but my period is due any second so I cannot honestly comment on whether or not this is a symptom of the H. Pylori/Ulcer.
I was able to eat a full meal last night that consisted of a peanut butter and banana sandwich on whole wheat and mashed potatoes with very minimal butter, cream, and salt.  I felt VERY full at the end, but was satisfied with myself for giving my body a decent amount of calories for the first time in six months.  The medicine did not mix well with the food, so I will be going back to my normal diet of bananas, low salted pretzels, rice, and chicken...yum?  
Diet has been a battle.  It is hard trying to get enough calories, but being conscience of not over eating as well.  I want to add more foods because after two weeks of the diet mentioned above, I am starting to resent eating at all.  I am tired, and my anxiety seems to be through the roof today.  I have read that anxiety and depression are a symptom of H. Pylori and I PRAY that this is true because I have been battling with it for years and I hope the symptoms subside after treatment!
My urine has been darker than normal as well.  I am terrified due to the pamphlets the antibiotics came with that say that I maybe going into liver failure.  I am going to be monitoring my water intake today to see if I have been properly hydrating and what effects that has on my pee pee color.

I hope this blog is bringing peace of mind to another sufferer like myself.  There are no blogs that talk about treatment and the after effects which leaves the anxiety burdened people like myself FREAKING OUT!  I will write again tomorrow to talk about symptoms and my Dr.'s appt.


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by eliasnvivi, Oct 11, 2013
I too have been suffering from extreme anxiety since march... hipefully it goes away after treatment.. I didnt know h. Pylori had that effect on people, I feel hopeful :) thanks

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