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Third shot

Feb 10, 2013 - 3 comments

I took the tylenol before my shot and didn't have anything like the flu-like symptoms I had last week.  I've been sleeping most of the weekend and have been up today (Sunday).  I fixed a good breakfast and am doing a couple loads of laundry and easy chores.  I still feel a little weak but better than yesterday.  I'm planning to go to work tomorrow and hope that I can make it through the week.
My mood is good.  It's a little scary thinking I will feel like this for another few months.  I hope that it doesn't get worse and would be thrilled if it gets better.  I feel fortunate that I'm only on the 24 week treatment and on INF and Riba only.  
I received a note from my NP and my first CBC results are stable.  

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3093770 tn?1389739126
by Diana66, Feb 10, 2013
It will get a bit easier as you progress through tx. I felt a bit more human in week 4

Stable CBC counts - this is really great
Good luck with the rest of tx

1986676 tn?1329862471
by Revalation, Feb 11, 2013
Hang in there!
Hope you continue to do well.


3060903 tn?1398565123
by Nighthawk61, Feb 11, 2013
I'm praying that you're doing okay at work, and get through this week unscathed. Good Job hanging in there!!!!

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