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Technology Nightmares!!!!

Feb 12, 2013 - 6 comments

So when some money fiiiiiiiiiiiinally came in, I thought I would catch up to the last fifty years of technology and purchase a few things for myself. Knowing that I should never again have the money to do so, it was investing in my old age future days of breaking boredom. So, first I got a Nook E-reader. Then I got a laptop, digital camera, and android phone. Fun fun. Determined to set up and learn all of them. Never, never ever buy all that tech at one time. In four days I was crazier than a bed bug. Going to bed at night was a huge relief just for the pure joy of getting away from it all if only for awhile. Now I am in technology induced depression over it all. Now I think of it as my job, I get up early and start the troubleshooting. Why can't my NOOK find the perfectly good wi-fi connection right here in the living room? Now where is that u-tube page on getting my computer to recognize the digital camera? Is it my age that is the problem? Or lack of tech skills? Whatever it is, ask me in a couple of months from now, and maybe then I will know something. Until then, thank God for U-tube!!

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by Dee1956, Feb 12, 2013
You are brave, my "big technology" is a desk top my son set up.
Good luck

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by aheart, Feb 12, 2013
You were smart to be afraid, be very afraid! Thanks I need it, tomorrow my mission is taking the Nook back to barnes and noble and asking them for help. :O

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by 29sillygirl, Feb 13, 2013
OMG!  You didn't...haha.  Take a deep breath...and tackle only what is most urgent .  Probably the laptop right now.
You know your ISP is useful with software issues....but the set up is harder...most tech places do it for you...for a price:)
But UTube can be a great help...

I used to love all things digital....but the romance has cooled down considerably in last few years.  

B&N will help you.  So that is one gadget conquered.

996946 tn?1503249112
by LindaTX, Mar 29, 2013
I so sympathize with you!  My laptop and I get along fine, thank God!  But i still can't operate my ipad very well at all...I need a class, I think.  I just got a new iphone 5 and just learned to take pictures with it and answer it when it rings like a doorbell!  Gotta change that ringtone, lol.  I'm not very tech savy to put it mildly and yes I believe age has a lot to do with least in my case.

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by Dalubaba, Apr 13, 2013
Can we call it a technological malaise? I was fond of finding out all features of any product I purchase. I will read all instruction given even in mircrTo-print with a magnifying glass.One month computer class evoked ah and oh seeing all features. I learned typing with typing website. spent 500 hours and acheived a speed of 30 words per minute and accuracy 99 percent.Then had AMD-age related macular deterioration. my eye sight started diminishing. My speed of typing and accuracy became almost zero. So my romance with ended. Now I do pull on with minimum.The feature of self check and meningitis text are the boon, without them, I would not have participated in any forum. I do not know what would I have done with my time?  Technology has developed so fast that it is difficult to keep up with it without help of the professionals.I am 82 and hence I have to plod for some time only. I an lucky on this score.Sorry for a much ado about nothing.

139792 tn?1498585650
by Dalubaba, Apr 13, 2013
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