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About my Hep C

Mar 18, 2008 - 1 comments

I was a naughty teenager (still am) i remember waking up on day walking to the kitchen and asking my mum for a tattoo, she went nuts going on about how i need a job to get one of them and saying i'm not taking you or paying for it ( i was only 15) so i told her were to go and to not tell me what to to coz i will do it anyway,
that afternoon i got sooooo drunk i could bearly stand and i couldnt close my eyes everything was spinning, thyats when a mate of my ex-boyfriend came up to me (he had just got out of jail) we stated talking about what been happing and we keepet talking he said he had been doing tattooing while he was inside, well i asked him if he could give me one he said yeah sore so i whent back to his place picked the most uglyest tat there and said i want that one (i could bearly see too feet in front of me) anyway i whent home a sleepet it off when i woke up i went to have a shower as i was getting undressed i saw that ugly big tattoo on my back and i nearly cryed i forgot i did that soi ram out to my mum and said look mum i hate it how do yopu get it off she just shock her head and said you idiot you know when you get old you want know what that is meant to be any way i lived my life like normal with an ugly tattoo. untill i meet my boyfriend and i though i was pregnant i when to the dr and have a blood test as well with i thought was wired about two to therr days later he rang me and asked if i could please come in alone so i did think oh **** i am pregnant then he said i am sorry but u have hepc i wanted to kill him i thought he was lying my life has neaver and will neaver be that same again.    

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by TX_CHICK, Mar 29, 2008
Wow, that is insane!  My husband does tattoos, but EVERYTHING is sterile, the needles are new! I'm sorry you came across some so stupid that talked you into doing it!!
But I wanted to wish you the best of luck with getting other girls together for your TV thing!

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