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other peoples perception of illness

Feb 16, 2013 - 2 comments




Without a bandage or crutches or walking stick apparently the world will not be polite and kind to me !

It would seem with no physical evidence (Other than my obvious struggleing to walk) people dont allow me time to cross the road or time to get out their way in tesco.

I had a very frustrasting day yesturday when i attempted to do my shopping by myself (usually id wait for the fella to help) i ended up in floods of tears, after grumpy shoppers huffed and puffed round me, or simply walked into me and then to my surprise THREE cars nearly ran me over as they didnt feel the need to slow down when i was half way across the road. I had waited a long while until there were no cars in sight to cross the road but they still managed to speed up on me and allow me no time what so ever to hobble across.

As a young girl that looks physically able when not moving it is astonishing how people wont even entertain the idea that i might need the seat at the front of the bus. Older people would actually stand and stare at me as if to force me out of the seat!

If i tripped trying to walk from the very back of the bus that trip to work would end in a trip to A+E

Peoples perceptions of back problems needs to change !

It is degrading and upsetting to encounter such ignorance when struggling to do things !

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4904782 tn?1361289999
by Casper12, Feb 16, 2013
Hi Bethanne

It's rubbish the way people are so unthoughtful many times lately people walk straight into my path, and yep drivers seem to gun at you even when you are limping.

Take heart there are good souls out there. I truly hope the pain eases soon. Trace:-)

4912542 tn?1360922782
by BethanneLamb, Feb 20, 2013
Its not been bad for a few days ! I am getting into rythm now with what my back needs. A few times iv had to stop what im doing and ly down to relieve pressure but after 20 minutes its back down to about a 6/10 on the pain scale.

The fact that the pain is constant and that it always stays at around 6/10 is so tireing !

Infact i might have a nap this afternoon ! haha

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