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Another Day

Mar 05, 2009 - 1 comments

So today I had this weird shocking sensation in my toes and feet that I've never had before. I've had it in my neck and it's run down my back and arm, but today it was in my feet. My legs both went numb on me during the day and made it difficult to walk and my face went numb. Of course when it happens then I'm stumbling and look "drunk". I had to walk down the street to my mom's house to go see my Grandmother and I'm thinking do the neighbors think I'm an alcoholic? This is great you know living without knowing. Oh and not to mention that yet again for about the millionth time, I ran into the wall! The wall and I are becoming close!

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by jessa1981, Mar 07, 2009
I just fully read your journal entries and i came up with a few questions..dont mind me if  i already asked my memeory is impaired also.  lately i forget if i asked someone a question and will ask again, sometimes multilpe times. I also have a hard time remembering times and dates and forgetting appointments and write everything that is important to me in my agenda book that i keep in my purse.Stupid  things like call dr, or when i pick up a extra shift at work , when bills are due. I work with the public and can never remember names or orders. i have to write everything down and carry slips with drink orders on them so i dont forget just by walking to other side of bar....anywayss...i forgot my question...ughh beleve that one..anyways.well off the top of my head, i'm a clutz and off balance sometimes but have never fainted.I get tingling in my hands that will usually stop if i move them but the tingling isn't because they were being sat on or whatever it'll be for no reason.  I also get dizzy and lightheaded, usually when i stand but sometimes when it's going on i'm wonderinfig if it'll stop or if this will be the time i pass out then i get panicked and slowly start to see straight and regain myself. a question i have is how did you get a dr to take you seriously?? None that i have seen have done that for me. When i leave my general care office i always read paper and it says"depression" IBS" give me  a break. I talk to a psychiatrist am not depressed except for the fact im 28 and find it hard living.  i do have anxiety( runs in family) i take meds and it helps which is why i think my stonach no longer hurts.  What should i suggest for tests?? thanks for your time..hope i can hlp you to.  jessa

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