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Dizzy Disaster

Feb 21, 2013 - 0 comments





hearing people

I have have the wierd head rushes with the ringing alot today which here lately has been normal. Though I was in a very good mood earlier today being alone in my room is making my anxiety go through the roof. I had the light off and everything was okay except the dizziness till my grandparents went to sleep when I started hearing the whispering and felt like someone was in the room with me. It was very unnerving and I can not bring myself to turn off the light cause it only adds to the fearful feeling. I dont want to tell my grandpartents what I am seeing for fear they will write off the dizziness as a hallucination. My hallucinations have been of the same things and the same people since I can first remember but they do not understand that. I only keep this journal to keep track of the progression of what I am seeing and hearing and feeling so I can tell my doctor and hopefully get answers. I also today specifically not ten minutes ago when i was sitting outside smoking a cigarette felt something grab my shirt then notably pull down wards like a child trying to pull up using my shirt.

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