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Spinach Recalled in 39 States

Feb 21, 2013 - 0 comments

Hold the fork – Taylor Farms, a California-based producer of fruits and vegetables, announced on Wednesday that it is voluntarily pulling certain varieties of its organic baby spinach from grocery shelves in 39 states.  The company is recalling all organic baby spinach sold in 5-and 16-ounce salad trays with a “best by” date of February 24, 2013.  

These salad trays are packaged under five different brand names:
       •Central Market Organics
                                         •Full Circle Organic
                                         •Marketside Organic
                                         •Simple Truth Organic
                                         •Taylor Farms Organic

The spinach may be contaminated with a pathogenic strain of E. coli, an intestinal bacteria. So far, no illnesses have been reported.

While contaminated animal products (like meat, milk and cheese) are the most common cause of foodborne illnesses like E. coli, recent outbreaks have also affected fruits and vegetables like cantaloupe, leafy greens and peanuts. In past outbreaks, produce became infected with E. coli when fecal matter from factory farms leaked into waterways before being fully sterilized. When ingested, E.coli can cause serious health complications, including bloody diarrhea, severe cramps and fevers, and, in serious cases, kidney failure and even death.

Taylor Farms web site doesn’t say how the spinach became exposed to the bacterial strain, but it does state that no other products appear to have been affected at this time. If you’ve purchased one of the recalled products, do not eat it; throw it away. If you believe you’ve already consumed a recalled product, contact your health care provider immediately.

For more information, and to see a list of the 39 states affected by the recall, visit And remember: Always thoroughly wash all produce – even if the product has been pre-washed. E. coli cannot withstand temperatures over 160 degrees Fahrenheit, so boiling produce for 15 seconds or more is sufficient for sterilization.

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