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Another All Over Day

Feb 24, 2013 - 0 comments

all over

So started waking up at 9am, an hour late, to my father telling me to get up.. BTW father had to drive 24 miles to make sure we were not dead.  (I call his house every moring when I get up).  So, then I forgot to take my morning pills and didn't wake up from nap until 1pm, feeling groggy and just all around crummy.  Then, I wanted to leave for the circus at 2, that actually went as planned.  I only had $10 cash and what else but $15 parking.  Finally founds a place for $5 about 5 blocks from place.  So, we get in line, which is huge, at 230, it starts at 3.  I had to use my fathers credit card as I didnt have enough money.  So, got in, didn't really miss anything, just 5 min.  My son of coarse has to pee.  So, I take him to the bathroom.  He sees the souveneirs.  I did want him and my daughter to have something to remember so I went to atm.  Spent mega bucks on a light saber thyat broke after about 10 min.  So, I take it back and had to go to three places to find a spot where they had the same thing (which was the only way you could exchange it).  Well, that one broke too and I said forget it.  What I did get to see at the circus was very enjoyable and I was glad I had come.  Leaving was fine, son got faced painted (poorly).  When we got home my son turned into a terror.  Not listening, not eating, throwing things, and so on.  I couldn't belive it.  He was so good all day and then POW.  I did lose control a few times and yelled unsuccessfully.  Anyway, up and down and all around.

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