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Mar 08, 2009 - 3 comments

In my journal "The rollar coster ride of hypohell - I thought I was dying" you will read the short version of becoming a new patient to Graves disease and what I went through in my treatment.  What it doesn't tell you are all the gorey details of my road in hypohell and the mistakes that happened to me that some were my fault (not learning) and some not. Kinda like fate that was dealt unkindly to me.

No one can control all the events that happen in their lives, but knowing certain things can help you.

In that journal - I wrote about a PA that was my main care provider. He referred me to  the endo that RAI'd my thyroid and after that horrible experience the PA soley treated me for my hypothyroidism. What I didn't write about was the PA's boss , the MD that should have been supervising over him when it came to treatments or options for treatment or ablations.

I went to this office as a referral from a Co worker - I never really saw a doctor much before - but had faith in this referral.

Anyway, after the ordeal of looking for a doctor to help me after I left the PA's new office. I decided to look up this previous MD. Her name has come up alot lately for me since I found good results from treatment that most Intergrative Medicine doctors do.  Almost seven years later and I feel like I am in the process of making a full circle.

She changed over her practice while I was a patient at her old clinic to Intergrative Medicine. Earned a Master's degree in it while still practicing tradtional medicine. A brutal split was going on then when I came onboard as a patient and the PA was moving into a different office because of her decisions. He blantly told me that I would not be adequently treated by her anylonger and I had to make the move with him since he ablated my thyroid out.

His way of treatment after I went with him didn't work and I was nearly dead twice by his ways. That's discussed heavily in my past journal.

So, here I am, seven years later, seeing with her with my noval of lab tests and scans and research I did to get to where I am. My folder is now a portfolio of documents. The appointment started out with me telling her I remembered on thing from one of our visits she actually was present at.

Take zinc.

My appointment lasted 3 hours. The longest appointment I ever had in my life with a doctor. She knew I have done alot of learning and when I told her why I had to do it - she cried. - She literally had tears running out off her face. That's when she locked the door so no one could enter and started discussing the split between her and the PA.

I learned that doctors are human to but for some, a costly expense to their patients. Both in their pocket books and health. They make mistakes and only treat what they were taught. There offices too have personal conflicts and that CAN be hard on their patients.

After examining my portfolio of medical history - which was so neat and organized then, (now looks like a truck hit it from us going over the papers one by one and discussing it all)  she, still weeping, said I had not gotten the right treatment with RAI. I was given this RAI as a mistake. She, adding, more confidential information about my situation that I probably would have been better off not knowing.

I left that appointment in a whirl wind of emotion. It was almost easier having assumed many things in my head and now hearing them as truth really took me over. I would have thought I would feel somewhat happy that all along, I knew something went horrbily wrong, but my health has been permantely altered because of a botch job and arrogancy to some degree.

My point writing this and what I say over and over when asked, please make sure everything done to your body is right. Make sure you, or an advocant you have, dots all the "I's" and "T's" first before something is done to you. If there is questions unanswered, get them before your proceed with anything. I didn't allow myself that right when I first was getting things done. I wanted to, but I felt if I upsetted anyone I would be a problem. It wasn't I wanted to challenge anyone, but I wanted to understand, if you know what I mean.

Don't be afraid to ask things - over and over - if need be. These physicians are there for you.

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907954 tn?1242573528
by quest04, May 19, 2009
7 years is along time. I feel sorry for you. Thanks for sharing your story.

910435 tn?1296748610
by Lori575, Nov 13, 2009
Wow!  This is crazy.  I am sorry you had to go through this.  We seem to have so much in common.  I am more of a newbie on this site but I notice that I tend to be amazed by many of your posts.  You really seem to know your stuff as far as Endocrinology goes.  It's pretty sad that we are somewhat forced into learning it this way....although, it seems to have been very beneficial for you, and I like to believe that it's slowly happening for me as well.  I hope you are truly on the right path now and feeling healthy.

910435 tn?1296748610
by Lori575, Nov 13, 2009
I figure I will tell you - as a side note, that my current Endo's license was just suspended for 6 months for having sexual relations with a patient.  I made an appt. with a different doctor, who was a referral from my boss' wife. we go!  haha

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