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UND at Week 4 . Yipee!!!!!

Feb 26, 2013 - 4 comments

Thank you Lord and dad and Dave for being my guardian angels and looking out and over for me. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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by lrup1952, Feb 28, 2013
I am so happy for you!

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by pooh55811, Feb 28, 2013
Great news. Congratulations!

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by nzkiwilife, Feb 28, 2013
the euphoria has gone, lol. Now the paranoia has set in - am wondering if the reduced riba dose is going to affect staying UND. Must be the drugs playing tricks on my mind. Funny, I tallied up 20 sx the other day. They come and go and generally are tolerable. Just the anaemia has got to me. Hate not being able to function! Now I can't drive most days as I am so weak and spend most days between the bed, kitchen and toilet and have to be driven around. Am not complaining though - am happy with how this is going so far. Just need to get my Hgb and platelets up.

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by Diana66, Feb 28, 2013
hehe, I know about the paranoia

Well, I had reduced Interferon dose at week 8 (to 135) - that helped platelets a bit
And I had one week of reduced Riba at week ,hmmm maybe 13

Was still showing UND

Hemoglobin will pick up after one or two weeks of reduction. You will be back on track in no time.

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