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I have been doing alright with my healthy eating.  I went to my sister's house last night and had super cheesy enchiladas for dinner (and then for breakfast this morning) so that probably wasn't the smartest option.  I am so broke right now though, so I don't have the money to go buy my own food.  My dad just gave me $20 for dinner, which was nice.  I have dinner plans at a place with all fried food and salads.  Hopefully I'll have the willpower to order a salad instead of some fries/onion rings.  I will be drinking water though, since it's free.  Try to space out spending this 20 as long as I can.  My best friend and her boyfriend are coming into town tonight, so I'm pretty excited and then my sister is having a small partyish type thing.  So it should be a pretty eventful night I guess.  I am feeling pretty tired right now and am not going out to dinner for another 2 hours, so I think I may take a little nap before I have to look "presentable."

I feel like I'm not making much progress with losing weight.  I've lost 2 oz in the last that's not very much.  I did work out 3 times this week, so I felt really good about that.  I want to have a nicer (thinner) body by summer for sure.  So if I really work at it these next 2 months, hopefully it'll show.

That's all for today.

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