ABCDE's of Melanoma

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Skin Cancer

Did you know they added E to the warning signs of Melanoma in a mole? EVOLVING mole ?  It's been 2yrs since it's added but I didn't know and wanted to share in case you didn't know to help heighten awareness.


Asymmetry; one half unlike the other half

Border; irregular, scalloped or poorly defined border
Color; varied from one area to another; shades of tan and brown, black; sometimes red, white or blue

Diameter; while melanomas are usually greater than 6mm (the size of a pencil eraser) when diagnosed, they can be smaller.

Evolving; a mole or skin lesion that looks different from the rest or is changing in size, shape, or color.

I had a suspicious mole removed -- it changed over the past few weeks so had it checked.  Having a history of moles being removed and an early skin cancer 2 yrs ago removed, I thought I was on top of the ABCD's of a mole.  Then yesterday I learned there is now an E as in Evolving added to the ABCD's listed above.  Evolving as in changing mole ...that is what this one was yesterday .. it changed the past 7 weeks.

Just wanted to pass this info along as early detection is key ....

Here's a good reference website from the American Academy of Dermatology:


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293157 tn?1285873439
by Wobbly, Mar 10, 2009
thanks for this info... I noticed a small mole that wasn't there awhile ago and I'm going to get it looked into..


390388 tn?1279636213
by Me967, Mar 10, 2009
Great post.  I never thought much about them unless they caused pain.  Hmmm.  I have one on my face that over the last year has grown and now has 3 other friends around it.  ha ha.  It used to be like a little black beauty mark.  LOL  Now it is red and black and is raised.  Maybe I'll ask when I go in next week to my doctors appointment.   Thanks for the heads up.

;~)  Amy.

495284 tn?1333894042
by dominosarah, Mar 10, 2009
I lost my dad a few years ago to Melanoma Cancer.  This is a very important journal that everyone should read.  Thank you for making others aware.................sara

365714 tn?1292199108
by MJIthewriter, Mar 10, 2009
My mom had an evolving mole of some sort.  It turned out to be Basil cell. Either way I was glad I talked her into going to a dermatologist to get that checked!  She was going to put it off, but when it turned dark blue, something seemed very wrong.

Given my skin/hair color and hystory of severe sunburns I watch any moles on my body carefully.  I won't be surprised if I battle this later in my life because I was often badly sunburned.

168348 tn?1379357075
by ChitChatNine, Mar 11, 2009
Yes, it is from prior sun exposure they say... years later and in my generation ... we basked in the sun with babyoil and they also sold tan promoters "back then" !

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