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Mar 08, 2013 - 0 comments










My stomach is getting that hungry feeling, but I still haven't heard it growl.  I've heard that's when you're really hungry, when you hear your stomach audibly growl.  I'll get there.  There's a guy upstairs talking to my mom and grandma about taxes or something, so I really don't want to awkwardly go into the kitchen to get some food.  Hopefully he'll not be here too long.  I'm at my grandma's house and my boyfriend has been coming over every day.  Hopefully he'll stay for the weekend with me.  He's just had class this week.  I have also been on my period which is really unfortunate timing, but oh well worse things have happened.  Also, breaking news: my stomach just made noise.  I'll go up when I'm done with this.  I'm also going out for pizza tonight (yay), so I want to save some of my hunger for that deliciousness.

I have been doing a lot better with eating less.  Yesterday I still had like 300 calories from my daily intake leftover, so I felt accomplished.  I haven't been working out for the past week or so, but when I go back home I definitely will start doing that again.  I am running a 5K in 3 weeks, so I really need to step it up.

Well, I guess that's all for now.

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