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Mar 10, 2013 - 0 comments














There has been too much half and half in my daily diet.  It's so hard to cut it out.  I love it in my coffee (I have cut down on the amount of sugar I put in my coffee, but that just means I've been putting more half and half).  Also, I've had two drinks that include half and half in a lot of it, at least 6 oz.  Anywho, other than that I've been doing alright.  I went out for dinner last night and only ate about half a portion of chicken tenders and fries.  They were really good, but I got full really quickly (I also probably had about 12 oz of sweet tea...oops.  At least It's better than coke right?).  I ate my leftovers for lunch today.  I still have 939 calories left for today after those leftovers and some coffee, and like two glasses of orange juice.  I am going to have spaghetti for dinner, but the trick will be to stop myself from snacking between now and then (then being probably about 6:30).  Only 3 and a half hours...I can do that right?

So anyway, I've been with my boyfriend since Wednesday and he's kind of a bad influence with eating.  He eats errthing.  Like a lot of food.  It's not always unhealthy but it kind of makes me want to eat more.  Although, I am pretty good about stopping myself when I'm not that hungry.  Like last night when I only had a few fried green beans, like 2 chicken tenders, sweet tea and some fries.  I definitely stopped myself when I got full.  I was also meeting some more of his friends, which always makes me eat less because I'm nervous.  Even though I wasn't too nervous last night luckily.  

My face has been doing something weird lately.  I don't know if it has to do with my diet or what, but it's been breaking out (for a while now) and it's been really dry and irritated.  I went to the dermatologist last week to get it looked at, but then I came and saw my boyfriend, so that's probably not helping my face.  He has a beard and obviously when we kiss it rubs up against my chin and cheeks.  But I don't think that's why it's freaking out because it's doing it even on my upper-cheeks and next to my eyes.  I have just been using water to wash it and putting some really light lotion on it because I really don't want to irritate it anymore than it already is.  The dermatologist did give me two prescriptions.  I could only get one of them (the one she told me to use in the morning) because the other one costed lik $200.  Ain't nobody got money for that.  So I used it for a day and the day after that is when my face started going crazy.  I also started using some lotion she gave me a sample of and I have a feeling that might be what it is.  Or it at least contributed to it because it started the day I used that.  I'll use the prescribed stuff again after I go back home.  Just no more of that new lotion.  I think another part of it might be an allergy or something because the last time my face did something like this it was because I was using sulfa to try and fix another problem I was having with a skin infection under my arm.  I am at my grandmothers house so it could be something I'm exposed to here.  I'll go back to a regular routine to try and calm it down by Thursday.

My boyfriend is doing his homework/watching golf, so that's why I'm going into excruciatingly boring detail about my face/diet.  Now I guess I'm gonna get back on Facebook or Tumblr.

That's all for now,

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