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Well, here we go again

Mar 15, 2013 - 0 comments

headache/migraine tracker

Around noon I started getting the chills, anxiety, yawning, nasal congestion, increased urination, and neck stiffness.  I beleive those are my top 5 for a prodrome.  Around 5pm is when the headache came on.  My daughter kept texting me about picking her up from school at 930pm.  Which was making my migraine worse by looking at the bright light of my phone screen.  She had some kind of charity dodgeball game tonight.  She was also going by her granmothers house after she came home.  I kept asking if the grandma could pick her up from school so I didn't have to go out because I had a migraine.  She kept saying she wanted me to pick her up.  So, I finally texted the grandma to ask her myself.  She did end up picking her up.  Which was very good because around 9pm came the hot flashes and 930pm was the trademark vomiting.  Usually after the vomiting I get better.  Which is the only reason why I am on now.So, bad day for the migraine.

Headache/Migraine Tracker
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