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How I got through detox and withdrawals

Mar 24, 2013 - 6 comments





























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D-DAY (DETOX DAY) JOURNAL: My experience detoxing from Norcos

This my day-by-day, hour-by-hour journal of events from the last 72+ hours of detox and the days leading up to it. I’m only 3 DAYS CLEAN. So, I know I’m not out of the bushes yet. I could feel like crap tomorrow. Besides that, I'm still anticipating obstacles down the road; cravings, PAWS, depression, irritability, anxiety, etc. Day by day, though, right?

Below is a long, and probably boring, outline of what I did. If you want the short story, here you go: I got through my detox pretty well by taking the following: Ambien, Xanax (just once), Vitamins and Supplements, Protein Shakes and Vitamin Waters, Claritin and Sinus meds, lots of food, and my 100mg Lyrica pills. I’m convinced Lyrica (or Gabapentin) is a miracle worker. And....if you want the long story, be my guest:


Later this week I am going to attempt cold turkey from 4 Norcos/day. It took me about two months to get down to that low of a dose. I was at 15 pills/day before. That was a mixture of Norco (which I have been taking for years, and aggressively since June of last year with the onset of my knee injury), Percocets (immediately following both knee surgeries), Oxys (I was on for two months prior to my second surgery), and lastly, Suboxone. The Suboxone was RX’d to me for pain, NOT to get off pills. I know – people can’t figure out how I took Suboxone and the other pills without getting sick. I can’t explain that either – maybe I wasn’t letting it fully dissolve under my tongue or something. I do know I had withdrawals from that stuff because I was a crazy biotch and thought I was dying.

My husband is leaving town for a long weekend, so that gives me a perfect opportunity to do this. My emotions run high as I found out in my leap from all those pills above to 6 Norco/day — I end up getting in terrible fights and asking him for a divorce every other hour. It was awesome. Anyway, with him gone, there’s no better time to do this. I’ve cancelled my physical therapy on Friday. So… Wednesday, after my physical therapy, will be my last dose. Oh joy!


I need to organize myself. I bought supplements that are supposed to help when detoxing, and with cravings. I’ll list those out later. As D-Day approaches, I am getting as much done around the house as possible, and buying all the food and drinks I'll need. I’m not working these days, so I am lucky that way (I guess?) Anyway, I know others have children and careers to attend to as they get off pills and I applaud those people for doing this!  


Today is the last day for me to take a pill? GASP. I can think of a zillion reasons to put this off. Anywayssss… As for the supplements I had mentioned in my last post, I’ll list out what I got and why. The vitamins I take are from “Designs for Health” – it’s supposed to be some fancy-pants brand, but I doubt they aren't any different from the ones at someone’s local health food store:

• Multi-vitamin (no explanation needed)

• Amino Acid Synergy: Vitamin B-6, L-Histidine, L-Leucine, Alpha-Ketoglutarate, L-Arginine, L-Lysine, L-Phenylalamine, L-Valine, L-Isoleucine, L-Methionine, L-Threonine
--- Amino acids are converted to neurotransmitters in the brain, or something like that.

• 5-HTP Synergy: B6 and 5-HTP (I don’t know if I’m taking too much vitamin B6 since it’s in both, but I guess it can’t hurt for just a short time. I might cut back on a pill or two of the Amino Acid Synergy though.)
--- 5 HTP is a supplement that converts in the brain into serotonin, again, or something like that.

• MSM: Methylsulfonylmethane
--- In addition to strengthening joints in the body, MSM also helps to detoxify the body.

So, there ya go. I don’t know if supplements help – but they certainly can’t hurt. I also have Lyrica and Gabapentin. I heard these types of medications help with withdrawals. We shall see. I wonder what state I’ll be in come Monday…

HOUR 1 | 3pm Wednesday

So, yes, it’s still March 20th. But instead of doing this by days I’m going to start doing this by hours. Last pill was taken a little before 3pm today. Here we go…

HOUR 7 | 10pm Wednesday

I’ve been taking 1 pill every six hours for weeks now. I took my last pill 7 hours ago, at 3pm today. I feel anxious. I know it’s in my head – but my head is telling me something isn’t right. Tic toc tic toc. To be continued…

HOUR 21 | Noon Thursday

I got through the night with the help of Lyrica and an Ambien. I’m not experience RSL or creepy crawly skin, but I feel like a wet blanket, slow and heavy. I woke up at 9:30am today, took another Lyrica (they are only 100mg pills – very low dose), ate cold pizza since that’s all I had the energy to “cook” and went straight back to bed. I’ve been bad about taking my supplements… I think the Lyrica might be giving me heartburn (or maybe it’s the sausage pizza!), so I don’t want to upset my stomach more. My body feels weird, like it is longing for something. I’m a bit on edge, but not too bad. I’m forcing myself to take my 5-HTP vitamin now. I’ve also been drinking vitamin waters and Odwalla protein shakes. ZzzzzZzzzzZzzzz – I’m going to sleep for a bit longer.

HOUR 24 | 3pm Thursday

ONE DAY CLEAN! I haven’t gone 24 hours without a painkiller in over 3 years. This is strange. So I got out of bed about 30 minutes ago and my body is feeling okay. I’m cold and a little clammy. The only pain I have is in my knee. I have more energy than 2 hours ago. I feel anxious… like nervous or something. I’m also craving a pill badly. So, I just took a supplement called “Crave Arrest” It has amino acids in it, Vitamin C, and B vitamins. Maybe that will help. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills marathon is on Bravo. Godsend! But still, I’m thinking about pills constantly. Oh well. So, I made it 24 hours, which is a small victory. From what I’ve read, the worst is about to come. I still have another day or so until I hit the bad part of withdrawals. Tic toc tic toc. To be continued…  

HOUR 27 | 6pm Thursday

My skin is starting to crawl a tiny bit, so I just took another 100mg Lyrica. I’ve read it takes a couple hours for Lyrica to work — so I figured I should take it now. I know it’s only been a little over 24 hours, but I’m feeling pretty good. I don’t want to jinx myself by saying that. When I did my huge leap from 15 pills/day to 6 pills/day, I was a MUCH bigger mess by this time. I still have cravings, but that’s OK. I need to relearn to live my life without these pills. I will say, there’s no way I could drive anywhere or talk to a bunch of people right now. The idea of it gives me anxiety. I’m going to take a bath now to help with the chills and mild skin crawling. Oh and yah, sneezing here and there.

HOUR 32 | 11pm Thursday

So far so good. No stomach issues yet. Not as anxious anymore. No restless legs. Still sort of cravings the pills, but forgot all about them when I was watching ‘Life of Pi’ I’ve been pretty hungry, which is new for me. I ate four slices of pizza, two bowls of mushroom soup, a whole bag of caramel corn, and a bag of carrots (weird). I’m going to try to sleep soon. I’m sure I’ll take an Ambien (I know, I know – but right now I need them) and a Lyrica. I am starting to become a believer in this Lyrica stuff… I have 16 of them left, so enough to help me through all this. I hope taking them for three of four days doesn’t make me feel like crap later. I have read that there shouldn’t be issues with this short of a time. Good night. Till tomorrow…

HOUR 43 | 10am Friday

Woke up at 8am starving and thirsty, so I chugged vitamin water and made a microwave pizza (gross, I know, but I wasn’t up for cooking eggs). Still no RLS. My arms feel a little sore, but not bad at all. I took another nap on the couch for an hour and now here I am. My stomach has been normal despite my meal choices. I keep waiting for the dreaded opiate runs. Maybe those happen day 3. I do feel like I could maybe throw up, but I’m not sure if that’s from withdrawal or from popping my Lyrica, multi-vitamins, 5-HTP, and MSM supplements. I’m going to take a 600mg Advil for my arms and my knee. It’s gorgeous outside. I wish I could leave my house, but I am scared to face the real world. I’ll have to force myself eventually, I know. It’s going to be weird to do things without a buzz. Anyway, that’s where I am. 5 more hours and I’m at 2 days clean! Crazy. Off to take a bath.

HOUR 48 | 3pm Friday

TWO DAYS CLEAN!! I’m starting to definitely feel the head cold/flu like symptoms. I am coughing and sneezing a ton with a runny nose. It feels like allergies, really. I read that Benedryl or Claritin can help with this stuff. Unfortunately I don’t have either of those in the house. My arms still feel a little heavy and I'm slightly achey. Other than that, no anxiety. No restlessness. I’ve been sleeping a ton. I just took a two-hour nap and woke up an hour ago. The body heals when it is sleeping (or so I’ve heard), so I think resting during all this is essential. I know insomnia is a problem for people. Yet another reason Lyrica has been great. It makes me tired. Anyway, trying not to think about my allergy-like symptoms and just ride this out. As always, to be continued…

HOUR 51 | 6pm Friday

So, I had some 'Aleve Cold and Sinus' and took one of those. It seems to be helping with the coughing and sneezing since it dries up my nose. I was getting really anxious, so I ended up taking my first Xanax in this whole process. I know a detox means to totally cleanse yourself of all stuff, but I really think if it weren’t for the medicines I’m taking, I might have caved by now. Still no stomach issues. Doing pretty good at this point, I think. Even though I’ve been craving a pill here and there, taking one isn't an option. I consider this detox a challenge. I don’t like to lose.

HOUR 64 | 7am Saturday

Whoa. So around 9pm last night I fell asleep on my couch and woke up at midnight. Went straight to bed, and just woke up again. I’m pretty groggy, but my body feels good right now. No aches whatsoever. I’m not going to take any Lyrica unless I start to feel the ugly RLS and creepy-crawly skin come over me. We’ll see what the day brings… going to have some yogurt now.

HOUR 69 | Noon Saturday

Took my Advil, MSM, 5-HTP, and multi-vitamin after breakfast. No Lyrica today. And guess what? I sucked it up, vacuumed the house, washed my hair (for once), put on my make-up, picked out a cute workout outfit, went by the grocery store, and then went for a long walk along the beach. I think I got about a mile until my knee started throbbing — which means my scar tissue is getting irritated. I’m at home icing now.  I have to say, I was in great spirits today. No anxiety going to the grocery store — which is huge for me. I’m usually always anxious about going to the store, even when I was on pills. Oh and I got my hands on some Claritin, hoping that helps with the sneezing. I’m STILL not having any stomach issues and I felt great on my walk (well, until the knee acted up) Looking good so far!

HOUR 72 | 3pm Saturday

THREE DAYS CLEAN!!! So I’ve been icing and watching a lot of Bravo since my last entry. Mentally feeling great. Physically doing great: No RLS, no chills, no skin aches, no body aches, sneezing and coughing calmed down after taking Claritin. I mean, again, I don’t want to jinx myself, but I’m three days clean of opiates and feel kind of awesome. I didn’t take any Lyrica today so far either. The only pain that I am having is in my knee. And no, it’s not “fake” pain  – I know that’s the first thing people think. My knee issue is unfortunately still very, very real. Anyway, I’ll take another Advil 600mg this afternoon/evening.

HOUR 78 | 9pm Saturday

Went to the Container Store, Walgreens, and the grocery store again. Feeling pretty good. I have energy, no pains or aches or sneezes… it weird, I feel like I did before I ever took pills. No fog right now. No Lyrica today. Maybe I’ve just hit some sort of withdrawal high and it’s going to come crashing down on me. EEEKS! Oh well, I’ll take whatever I can get for now. On that note, it's time to be done with my Detox-Day write up.



I know there are by-the-book MedHelp folks out there that won’t take any excuses when it comes to opiates… but, things aren’t always black and white, yes or no, take it or leave it. There are gray areas, at least for me. So, here’s how I’ll be dealing with Norco from here on out, and my thoughts on aftercare:

••••• USING NORCO: I’m asking my doctor if I still should still take 1 Norco before my PT. The last time I didn’t, I couldn’t do necessary stuff. It’s been working for me, so we’ll see what he thinks given my current situation. Even if I did that, I’d only be taking 3 pills/week for legit pain, and they would be distributed to me by my husband. I'm not using this as an excuse. It is what it is with my knee. I can't make it not hurt.  

***** AFTERCARE: I’ll be on this site, plus looking for a shrink. People might suggest (or insist) I go to NA meetings. Those just aren’t for me. I’m still going to have a glass of bubbles at fancy dinners. I’ll do wine-tasting next time we are in Napa. I know NA wants people to refrain from alcohol. Besides that, being in a group setting freaks me out. All said and done, if I find myself really struggling down the road— I’ll definitely reevaluate my decision on NA.  

That's all folks. To anyone that had the patience to read this whole thing, thank you for your interest and feel free to message me with any questions :)  

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Avatar universal
by HadEnough0920, Mar 24, 2013
I'm so happy for you reading that!  I almost cried but am dried up from my ordeal (and the ton of Clonodine).  I knew you could do it.  Just don't forget that it never truly ends, at least I don't think it does.

4823849 tn?1373657829
by Miss_Creative, Mar 24, 2013
Thank you! Oh I know it doesn't end. In fact, I think I had it too easy... so I'm sure something it going to come back and bite me in arse. I'm prepared for the PAWS... I expect to be anxious and depressed. He11, I might even relapse - they do happen, often. I think the vitamins I am taking do really help. You should get some 5-HTP and that MSM is great too. MSM helps with inflammatory issues, which causes all sorts of pain... you know Mountain Dews cause inflammation, right? ;) Thanks for your constant support HadEnough0920 - you're the best and well on your way. xo

Avatar universal
by FourJays, Mar 24, 2013
Wow - congratulations!  I am so happy for you . . . the 5-HTP is great IMO; I am still taking it (have weaned down my dose, but I really think it helped me).  And the PAWS thing - at least you know and are prepared.  I think so many people have trouble after they are clean and don't ever realize this can be why.  That said, a positive and realistic attitude goes a long way.  Sounds like you got this.  Didn't even know you where going to jump off - good luck to you, and thank God for Bravo (my saving Grace at times too; well that and TLC - when they don't have the freaky obsession shows on :))

4810126 tn?1503942735
by EvolverU, Mar 24, 2013
A-M-A-Z-I-N-G detox journal. Very impressive.Way to plan! I'm so glad you're not having RLS and you have some energy. You do what you have to do. You're smart and you've done the research. I totally hear you on the 'grey areas'. If you know your own symptoms and you know your own psychology, you're the best judge. Congratulations on your three days! Sounds like you're over the hump. Treat yourself well. You deserve it! Keep up the good fight! All good things your way & keep up that great sense of humor - a real asset and sometimes in short supply around here..

4628837 tn?1364557915
by sandy535353, Mar 28, 2013
wow, loved reading your journal. Your doing very well. Dont worry to much about PAWS. I read it only happens rarely and mostly to people, that have gone thru this more than once. I have detoxed, 3 x's and after all the anxiety was over, about 3 weeks into being clean, I didnt have paws. You keep up whatever works for you young lady. You know your body more than anyone, or any doctor ever will. Do what's right for you. Happy Easter, feel GREAT!!! xoxo

4804873 tn?1360162537
by Overwhelmed10, Apr 06, 2013
Amazing and awesome to hear girl!  

You did it!!!!  :)

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