SALT....a cure for my pains!  Really???

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After 13 years of struggling with pains and the last few weeks being really bad, not even being able to sit or stand for more than a hour at a time......I think I found the cure.  
After reading and re reading tons of articles I saw salt cravings so I looked up sodium deficiency.  
As crazy as it sounds:  
I made a bowl of oodles of noodles.  Added a bunch of celery salt, onion salt, garlic salt, 2 extra bullion cubes, and table salt to it.  I ate it and also drank some pickle juice afterwards.  

I'm going to call my Dr. and find out why or how this could be?  I know with all of my BP issues this was crazy to try; but, I was desperate for anything to work.  I'm just amazed that it did!!!!!!!!!!!

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by MrsRG, Apr 04, 2013

Have you been tested for low adrenal gland production? My adrenals are low and salt craving is one of the symptoms. If you are truly low on sodium, I'm sure there is a prescription pill your doctor can prescribe for you to fix that. My mother in-law has some rare disease (not Addison's), can't remember the name of it, that causes her to have such low blood pressure she passes out all the time and her sodium level is too low. So she's on some kind of prescription medication. She also was told by her doctor to POUR gobs of salt on all her food, which she does.

Anywho...good luck with that, I hope it works for you without raising your BP too much.

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by Me967, Apr 04, 2013
Yes, I was tested for adrenals....but it was somewhere around 2008 I think. I read about 20 some things can cause this.  I just hope I may have stubled onto a easy fix.

I'm going to call the doctors office and see what they say Monday.  The salt I think really cured my pain; but, I have to watch with my BP and HR.

As for my new windows I told you about threw personal Message......I'm freaking....Just realized I have to figure out how to get around a verrrry old and heavy roll top desk and file cabinet.  Yikes!  

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by Red_Star, Apr 04, 2013
Good to hear.  I eat so much salt as i'm zinc deficient i can't taste anything! Grrr  My blood pressure isn't affected by salt intake but give me magnesium deficiency or hyperthyroid issues and watch that blood pressure rise. :)

"A 2011 study in the Journal of the American Medical Association demonstrates a low-salt zone where stroke, heart attack and death are more likely."...

Shaking up the Salt Myth: The Dangers of Salt Restriction:

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by Me967, Apr 04, 2013
Red_Star hi.

Luckily my TSH has been staying around .85 (.35-5.50) so I'm good there.  I think I would blow a gasket if I ever went Hyper.  lol

I was looking at my bld results from LAST year on NA and they weren't bad.  132 (134-144) and my GFR CALC  114.77 (60.00-128.00)  My CPK was high though at 195 (26-140) ,probably due to drinking.  She won't give pain meds though so I was using the only thing I could as a break away from the pain.  Yippie.....booze for the fatty liver or salt for the BP.  lol  I sure hope this gives them some clue on what's going on.  I'm so tired of trying to do the leg work.  :-/

Maybe it was just sitting for days reading......I just know I feel better now for some crazy reason right after I tried it.  Being that I do have issues with high BPs I'll need to cut back again on salt and get into see her and tell her my crazy plan worked.  Hopefully she can figure out why????  

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by rumpled, Apr 07, 2013
Your sodium was low - your doctor should have tested your renin and aldosterone and sent you to an endocrinologist. It should not drop below the range.
If you crave salt, you need it.
You may need a medication like florinef to retain sodium. The issue may not be cortisol, but aldosterone.

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by TheLightSeeker, Apr 07, 2013
Rumpled you are right on.
The adrenal hormone aldosterone retains sodium in the body. Too much loss of sodium and possibly potassium.
Sodium to potassium normal ratio is about 2.5:1 I believe, so this should be checked.
Low sodium is associated with low energy, and also with deficient gastric acid that may impair proper macronutrient digestion.
A hair mineral analysis is warranted, as mineral levels in the blood tend to be constant, more or less.

Me967 you may not need any sodium  supplements or pills , if you can get  the aldosterone imbalance corrected.
If you still need more sodium at the end, why take a prescription pill anyway, if you can take natural sodium from celery and REAL unadulterated sea salt which is already balanced with all the other minerals in it.
Careful with processed products that contain MSG or any one of its 100 aliases! lol!


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