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The unknown journey

Mar 22, 2008 - 1 comments

Well, today is the last day that my husband and I will be living together.  We are separating...until the divorce I guess.  I am not looking forward to tomorrow when he moves his belongings out of our house.  We've spent the last three days chilling out, relaxing and just sharing our time together peacefully.  Ah, more on that story later ...

I just got diagnosed with HepC about two weeks ago.  Went to the regular blood draw, then to my GI for more extensive testing.  He sent me to the Liver Specialist where they took 11 vials of blood out of me.  I'm going for my second appointment in 8 weeks.  At that time, I will find out about a cat scan and a liver biopsy.  I'm not really feeling sorry for myself, but it's just that, I have Crohns Disease, I'm BiPolar, and now this new one that popped up.  I'm so exhausted from being sick, it makes me sick.  

Whatever life has in store for me, I know I'll be strong enough to handle it.  

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by incharge08, Mar 22, 2008
You know - although having hep c is not a good thing ... however ... because of  IT  I've 'met' some really great people on this site. So….like many things I've experienced that don't feel too great in the beginning they always seem to turn out to be blessings ...I like looking at my ‘friends list’ sometimes just SEEING people there who understand and are available helps me get through the day.

Strength for me has come from knowing I needed help to deal with the storm - because without an emotional shelter being there when I needed it - the storm will do what a storm does. So being strong enough (for me) is recognizing when I need help ... because at times despite my best efforts ... I do feel sorry for myself's okay to feel the feeling vs denying it exist – but I need support in order to do that.
That said - Just keep sharing ...

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