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No one is talking to me

Apr 07, 2013 - 2 comments

I posted my question about my son and no one has responded yet, which usually means that they are not going to.  All of the "friends" I used to message are not responding to me either.  This site is starting to have a negative impact instead of positive.  Maybe that is why I am missing days.  Why come on if it is just ganna make me feel more alone?

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by maileeshar, May 25, 2013
Do hope your ok,  think people don't answer the question because they can't relate not because they don't want5 to talk to you. Xxx

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by jessilb, May 26, 2013
Than you. I am ok.,  I dont come on much anymore ecaus i guess i need the messages to keep me going and now there are none anymore.  I even deleted most of my friends because obviously they dont want to talk to me.  I shared everything with a few of them and now they nare gone.  It just makes me sick that they would do that to me.  Well, thank you for your message and yes i am ok.

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