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MRI Results

Mar 17, 2009 - 3 comments

The nurse called from my hepatologist's office.  My CT scan revealed an area on the upper liver that might have looked like a cyst or lesion, so an MRI with contrast was ordered.  The results are in.  There is no evidence of a lesion, which is great news.  My understanding is that a cyst is common and they don't worry about that so much.  If it was indeed a lesion, that would mean they would be concerned about the presence of cancer.  No evidence of cancer at this point.  Great news!  

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by justme53, Mar 17, 2009
What a relief, huh? I remember after I got the all clear on my MRI after weeks of bad news on other tests, I sat down on the floor and sobbed I was so relieved.

Happy to hear your good news!!  Pam

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by Kathy73, Mar 19, 2009
Good for you! I know just what you went through. I just got the prognosis from my breast biopsy and its benign!

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by genie81, Mar 20, 2016
Have a 8.5cm lesion on liver and have had MRI and cannot find out if its cancer or not. Have to have a further MRI in 3-4 months time.April 2015 liver was fine. March this year shows the lesion. Is there any need to worry .

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