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Mar 19, 2009 - 1 comments






It's been a week now since I got the awful news. The Vet said he'd get a 2nd opinion on giving Julie the Trilostane for the Cushings. That was is call back yet. Did he forget? I doubt it.
I made my own decision. NO NO NO. I will not give it to her. The Cushings is holding down her numbers on creatine & thats good. If they go up she'll go into Kidney Failure & thats no good. Right now she is eating like a pig & drinking water excessively. Thats real good. Better than Kidney failure when dogs stop eating & drinking altogether.
OMG is this for real or a bad dream???  I am dying inside & trying to hold it together for everyones sake..Julie especially.  I hope I am making the right choices. Do I give her this or that or whatever?? I just don't know what to do.
My mind is spinning. I see that my baby is weak at times...definitely slower than last year. She still plays periodically & plays with Shena this week, since she is here.  I am screaming inside. Why Julie?? Why any dog?
I look at her & she is still so can I live without her??  We all love Julie so much. She is a child of ours since she was a baby.
We raised her & how do I say goodbye.  Tears are running down my face. This is so awful. Break time.

I'm back.  I have to research some more on what foods to feed her. This is alot to handle but I must.
Till tomorrow.....

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by tonienj69, May 02, 2009
good luck..i know its hard

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