Worried about my Lady again.  ;-<

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liver failure




Chronic Active Hepatitis

Some of you may remember my issues I have been having with my (17 yr.) Border Collie Lady.  It all started back in mid August of 2008 with chronic-active hepatitis/ Liver failure.  Well she's still going down to the bottom of the yard and playing with Koenig here and there.  She loves to bark at people walking by and still guards the house.  (God bless her) and tags me everywhere I go except for at feeding time.

I'm having a great deal of problems getting her to eat now.  She is not vomiting.  She just does not want to eat.  She may go 2 -3 days now with only a few bites of fish or chicken and some times baby food.

She won't touch rice of any sort, mashed potatoes, noodles, peas, carrots, dry food or even her treats any more.  She never had issues with eating anything at all before this all happened.  She was always my best eater actually.

I feel so bad making her take nutra cal from time to time.  She looks at me like I'm punishing her when I bring out any food to her and runs away.  I've tried everything (it seems) to cook everything I can, and make it nice for her.  I don't know what else to do though.  :-(  

Her stool is formed most days and other days it is very loose to runny.  Color is dark most days.  I'm hoping there is not any bld in it.  It is Not yellow like before though.  I'm hoping to get her into the vet very soon.  Money just dosn't seem available now for anything.  URGGGGG.  I just want to scream and cry both.  
I just don't know what else to do.  Hoping to do a liver function test/super chem, U/A soon and possibly a stool test.    

She is still taking  ursodiol 150 mg, SAMe 225, Vit E 200IUs twice daily and colchicine 0.6mg (1/2 once daily).  I give her reglan if her stomach seems upset once in a blue moon and give her lactulose 2.5 ml if her stool starts to seem dry at all to keep her making ~ 3 BM's/day.  Though with her not eating now it is very loose.  Getting her to drink is even getting tricky.  When I can I give her ice cubes.  She used to love that and each one was 30ml of water.  Now she doesn't want them either.  Sighhhh  I LOVE HER SO VERY MUCH.
If anyone reads this please say a prayer for my Lady PLEASE!  She really needs it right now.
Thank you for even the smallest of prayer.  ;~)

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by Me967, Mar 19, 2009
STILL waiting to hear from the internal medicine specialist.  Trying to talk her into giving me more med's without the bld work right now (due to money) for the next ~month.  I'm afraid without the med's she will die.  What good are the test then?  She has me over the barrel.  Blood test or no dog!  I'm hoping she will let it go just one month.  Husband refuses to pay for it now.  Grrrrrrrrrr

Looking into PetAlive.com for liver aid.  Or milk thistle....though without the exact dose it can be deadly too with dogs in liver failure.  This is sooo frustrating.  I feel so helpless!  
I did get her to eat some cod today....not sure if it has any copper in it or not; but it was something.  Figure I'll try maybe some tuna or salmon next.  Though she still spins around, barks and seems happy I'm afraid with not wanting to eat or drink her days are numbered.  Though I don't want to think that way.  

I just don't know.  Well I've been reading all day so I guess I can just pray now.

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by lizzy72, Mar 19, 2009
I know that in my state you can take your pet to the humane society for life saving medicines or procedures.  They will usually help you out or give you the nameof a vet. that will be willing to wirk with you for payment arrangements.  I even cleaned a vets office before in exchange for service.  Just a thought!  I have a Border Collie too and I hope things work out for you!  

PLease dont take this the wrong way and I am not saying this to be cruel or heartless in any way but....17 is pretty old.  I know that it is hard to let go but sometimes we have to put our own feelings aside and do what is best for our animals.  Maybe it is just her time to go play in that huge dog park in heaven!

I believe that animals have teir own way of letting us know that it is their time, maybe this is her way.  All you can do is give her all the love and attention that she can take and make her comfortable.  God Bless you!

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by Jules77733, Mar 19, 2009
I'll be praying for her. I know how much like "family" animals can become, especially if you've had them for such a long time. I've had my cats for over 11 years and I'd be devastated if anything happened to one of them. =(

I looked up the average lifespan of bordie collies--it's 12 - 14 years, so Lady is doing exceptionally well for her pedigree, a testimony, no doubt, to having a great owner!

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by utahmomma, Mar 19, 2009
Praying for your dear Lady.  Hugs from Utah and the pile of dachshunds (especially Sienna - she sends huge doxie licks and kisses)

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by Me967, Mar 21, 2009
Thank you all for your prayers!  Today I managed to get her another months worth of med's.  She ate her salmon baby food along with a piece of cod and drank water.  I was sooo very happy and she knew it as she spun around barking and wagging her tail at me.  I was nervous she was going to make herself sick.  lol.  She still thinks she's a puppy sometimes I think.  LOL

After talking to the specialist for a while......They said to give her pepcid BID and Mirtazapine (Remeron) once daily along with her other med's (ursodiol 150 mg, SAMe 225, Vit E 200IUs twice daily and colchicine 0.6mg (1/2 once daily).  I give her reglan if her stomach seems upset once in a blue moon and give her Lactulose 2.5 ml).  
I told them next month I'm hoping to get her bld work done, until then I just needed to pass on the test right now due to funds.

AGAIN....THANK YOU ALL FOR THE PRAYERS, and from dear Sienna too.  
Also please forgive me for my attitude.  I've been a bit down and frustrated lately and not chatting much.  Lady sends kisses to everyone in thanks for the prayers..  



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by Me967, Mar 24, 2009
Just an update...Lady is starting to eat better again, though we are limited to fish (cod or pollck) and spaghetti now with just a little bit of baby food here and there.  Plus she enjoys her Euk. low fat treats.  Have not had to give nutra cal for a few days now.  Yay.  She loves venison but I cannot give her any.  Every now and then though I put some of the blood in with her noodles.  She loves that!

I'm still hoping to get her bld work done next month.  (Though, not much can really be changed with med's.)  It's more for just letting the doctors know where she stands at this point I think.  She has lost alot of weight; but, as long as she's happy then so am I.  She is always at my side, and verrry loving.  So I guess what I'm not wanting to say and trying to say at the same time is I cannot allow myself to be thinking that next year I will have her.....yet while I do; I'm going to do everything I can in my power to make our time now as happy and as healthy as can be.  I can only pray God will help us threw this all.  The hardest part of having a pet is that we outlive them.  Though I can't imagine life without my babies.

She is playing with my other dog as I type now.  I love the way she spins around and barks,  it is her little dance.  Unfortunately she has taught my Dane this dance.  LOL  She has also taught her loving ways and how to be a watch dog too.
It is just enjoying all the time I can with her this spring and summer I think.  As long as she is happy that is all that matters to me now at this point.  I LOVE her sooo very very much.

Lady's Mom.

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by ladygeegee, Mar 24, 2009
II know your doing the very best you can for Lady. You have been a very good Mommie to her. I pray that she would feel better so "you" can be better. I don't want to see you getting worse. For example I hope your sugar isn't up and your other health issues getting worse.You have your hubby and your other babe to care for. They all need you.

I pray God will comfort you and give you wisdom.
God Knows what He's doing even when we do not.
Take Care and Be Blessed.
Surrounding you with Hugs!
Gentle Ones of Course

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by Me967, Mar 24, 2009
Thank you so very much for the beautiful prayer!!!!  As for me I'm doing a little better though things are pretty bumpy all around with other issues.  I'm hoping all of the rough roads start to smooth over soon.  I'm sure they will with time.  :~)  

Sorry I've been a little busy lately.  Will send you a PM soon.  ((((Sending Gentle Hugs right back at you.))))

Thank you again my dear friend.  

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by violynne, Mar 30, 2009
I pray for Lady and I pray for you, for both to feel better and be happy.
May God help you both, guide and protect you.
Much love,


Ottawa, Canada

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by Me967, Mar 30, 2009
Thank you so very much for your prayers Cristina.  

Lady is now eating just fish (tuna, salmon, whiting and pollick) and multigrain pasta; but, is very happy and still wagging her tail and staying at my side.  She is my baby.  

I guess that's all that matters now.  I can't begin to explain enough how much your prayers mean to me tonight!   I've been dealing with ALOT of issues lately and your message/prayer came at perfect timing tonight like a God send.

Thank you so verrrrrry much and God Bless you.

Amy.   :~)

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by PlateletGal, Mar 31, 2009

You & your border collie (I also have one) are in my thoughts n' prayers. My dogs are a huge part of my family and I love them so much.... it sounds like you feel the same way.



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by Me967, Mar 31, 2009

Hi and thank you soo much for your prayers!  

Today I've been busy all day so..... she's upset today having to tag me around everywhere.  She just finished her lunch though so I'm happy for that.  Sometimes she will hold out on eating until I sit down with her for awhile.  Pretty smart on her part and it works too.  LOL

Ya our kids are all 4 legged.  I think we would starve before they would.  Around here their food comes first.  We love fish; but of course we can only buy fish for Lady now, due to the economy.  As long as she's happy, we are though.  

I feel guilty sometimes trying to hang on to her when she doesn't want to eat.  Most times she's wagging her tail, spinning in circles barking (as collies do) and playing with the other dogs and of course guarding the property.  LOL  Though her bark is not as load anymore.

Anyhow,  Thanks again for your prayers.  The more the better.  I hope all is well with you.  Thank you again so very much.  ;~)  It really means alot!


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by peekawho, Mar 31, 2009
There's a medication they use to stimulate dogs appetites...you may have named it in Lady's list of meds.  I'm not sure what its called.

Lady couldn't have a better mommy than you!  She's in my prayers.  

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by Me967, Mar 31, 2009

That is just so very sweet!  Thank you for such a very kind comment and for keeping her in your prayers.

Most dogs on med's cannot take stimulates with liver failure; but, they came up with the idea that Mirtazapine (Remeron) works to stimulate them to eat.  I believe.... in humans it is used for the treatment of depression along with the SAMe, and then I'm keeping her bowels moving with the Lactulose.  

As you know the biggest issue though is eating.  She's starting to pull away from pollick; but, still likes cod, whitting and tuna.  I'm going to try her on some canned Salmon next.  Anyhow, Thanks again for the prayers and I hope all is well with you and your babies.

Gotta run and find something for my hubby to eat now though.  Big Whoops....LOL


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by Me967, May 20, 2009
Just a quick THANK YOU NOTE to you ALL for the Prayers for my Beautiful & Loving Lady.  

She went to Heaven on May the 16th.  I miss her soo very very much; but, she's running all over the place now I'm sure.  
She never wanted to give up.  She walked the whole way around the yard even the day before her heart gave out, wagging her pretty tail and soo proud of herself.  We spent the whole week together.  It was filled with tons of Love and anything she wanted.  Anyhow;  I just wanted to thank you All for your Prayers for her.  ((((HUGS))))


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