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Had Enough

Apr 08, 2013 - 0 comments








This day I had a very large palpitation and I was just DONE with this.  I resolved to fight this until it was cured.  It had got worse instead of better although I had cut out all chocolate, processed foods, white flour and other dietary "bad guys" since January.  I lost 15 lbs but it didn't stop the palps, so I eliminated being overweight as a possible reason why I was getting palps and also junk food.  I ended up going to a sliding scale clinic and having an EKG done.  It was administered very close to a flourescent light which gave me an anxiety attack and a huge series of palps.  I was sent to the Emergency Room where 2 more EKGs were done which showed nothing.  It was found that my thyroid hormone was perfect, right in the middle of normal, so thyroid was ruled out as a cause.  And my blood pressure was also perfect (probably a result of my great diet since January) so hypertention was ruled out as a cause.  It was determined that I had anxiety and I was given a prescription for Xanex, but I use Valerian root sparingly on an as-needed basis so I never filled that prescription.

My Palps
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