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Arguments, Anxiety

Apr 11, 2013 - 0 comments

I had a small palp after standing from lying down propping myself up on my elbow on my right side.  For the first time I began to suspect chest and back compression as a culprit in these palps.

My follow up appointment with a doctor post-emergency room was screwed up by the clinic I was supposed to go to getting the time wrong, after a vey stressful drive downtown and hard time parking, run to the clinic to try to get there on time, etc.  I was horribly dissapointed and then had more argeuments with my partner. My heart still held steady until I got home and layed down on my back to rest.  It gave one hard palpitation that was almost painful.  I was devastated that the medical community could let me down at a time like this.  I switched clinics.

I recognized that my anxiety was getting overwhelming so I took instead of Xanex a small amount of Valerian powder in water.  That seemed to do it's job very well and dispelled my anxiety.  Unfortunately I only got 6 hours of sleep due to being woken up by neighbor's dogs barking, traffic sounds and kids screaming outside my window.  I spent the next day searching for shutters for the window.

My Palps
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