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Holding Pretty Steady

Apr 12, 2013 - 0 comments






My heart held steady all day with only what I call a "mini palp" which is a barely perceptible thump during a stressful situation.  I also felt even smaller "mini palps" when sitting forward in a cross legged position propped up on my elbows to use my computer  at a small table - no more lying on side propping up on elbows for me. I need a taller computer table so that I do not have to "prop" and therefore compress my chest. I also made efforts in my car not to relax into the bucket seats for hours and to straighten my back a lot.  I made a special effort not to argue and I had the Valerian ready in case I felt anxiety, which I did not on this particular day.  

I want to return to regular Yoga for my back which I had been doing on a regular basis before I started my business 4 years ago.  I am also considering chiropractic adjustment which I had years before.

It annoys me that I was doing all the "right things" but then stopped, never believing that things could get worse than they already were.  I used to get very small palps but ignored them, and I used to do Yoga and take Valerian for my anxiety on an as-needed basis.  Why did I stop?  I got preoccupied with other things. This really lets a person know that NOTHING is as important as their health- if your health stops, so does EVERYTHING else.

My Palps
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