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Laparotomy to remove 2 large dermoid  ovarian cysts

Apr 16, 2013 - 1 comments







Ovarian Cysts



I had a vertical laparotomy exactly 3 weeks today, to remove to large dermoid cysts. On the right ovary the cyst was 15cm and on the left (yep i had them bilaterally) it was 8cm.  I did alot of research on the net (especially this website) and i was trying to find people who had had a large cyst on both ovaries not just one. But it doesn't seem to be that common. Worryingly it seemed that the people who had only one large cyst on their ovary, tended to have the ovary removed - which although not ideal, still leaves a fully functioning, healthy ovary. So you can imagine my horror when im faced with 2 large cysts, threatening both ovaries. I had convinced myself that i would be infertile, im only 33 and i have been with my boyfriend since i was 18, and we have no children yet.

Anyway, my main purpose for putting this out there, is to give hope to someone who maybe going through the same thing, as my genius surgeon managed to save both ovaries!! Not completely sure if the right ovary will be fully functioning but hopefully it is, and if it isn't i still have the left.

Its amazing what they can do these days. and if you are of childbearing years and plan on having kids, i think this affects how they treat you. Im sure if i was 50, they would definitely have at least taken out the right ovary and tube.

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by Toya301, Feb 16, 2014
Hi im going through the same

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