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Apr 18, 2013 - 0 comments

Ok, I had an anxiety attack this morning because of stuff relating to Jamborsky, but didn't have a palp during it.  Felt jumpy for sure, but no palp.

I have been following a GERD regimen with sleeping on 3 pillows on my upper body, small meals spread out throughout the day and only bland, easy to digest foods.  Magnesium/calcium every day.  Bought the Aloe Gel, took some.  Got Ph test strips.  Got licorice tea.  Got Blackstrap molasses.  Stopped taking my multivitamin with ginseng in it, it was a stimulant.  Got a GREAT probiotic, have taken it for two day now.  Found a GREAT website about it.  Flossed my teeth, resolved to KEEP them flossed.  Went to that therapy place, got info for intake and prices.  Even consulted a Chinese medicine practice. Trying to decide the best way to treat my anxiety.  

Had an arguement with Jason today, but most other situations we dealt with much better than we had been doing.  

MUST GET:  Kale and other greens, better vitamins than the Source Of Life stuff. and Ph drops.

MUST SEE:  An ENT for the GERD/LPR, and a Cardiologist. And a therapist for my anxiety.

Honey and molasses is least I can have something sweet from time to time!  Oh, I got Plum Butter to use instead of butter.

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