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Pregnancy, breastfeeding toddler and life update :)

Apr 21, 2013 - 0 comments

so im now 20+3weeks pregnant with our 3 baby and 1st little boy :)
so far things are going great, im now well and truly over the shock of having another baby and looking forward to him joining our (not so little now) family :)
im HUGE already, i think its due to having them so close, but i love having a bump! i can feel his little kicks and this week daddy got to feel one too on the outside!
our 20 week scan went well, hes big and strong, deff a boy and i think we will call him Alister.
As for me im always tired, im working 30+hrs a week and spend my days off looking after the girls, Olli (dh) has been working 7 days a week to try and save money as currently i cant afford leave when hes born, im hoping to get at least 12 weeks off, i hate that i wont beable to give him the 9months i did with the girls but its the only way we can work it atm.
Im still breastfeeding Iris 14months, it was going great but the past few weeks my boobs have become sore, i wont give up though as she is not ready and i know the pain will go once babys born!
im very tired though as she wakes 3-6 times at night and im the only one that can settle her back to sleep, so im very sleepy 24/7.

Lilly my 4yr old is doing well and has got accepted into out chosen school for September, im so pleased about this, but not ready for my baby to go to big school, i will miss her so much, shes like my mini best friend!

As for our wedding, we where ment to be getting married in Aug this year but along came baby and we have manged to put it back until May 31st2014
so i now have another year to wait but it means i can get my figure some what normal again, im sure it will fly bye as ill have 3 little ones to look after :)

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