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temps down  vs opk +?

Apr 22, 2013 - 11 comments

Ok girls opk was very + yesterday. test line was darker than control line.  but temps were still down this morning..... why?

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1383908 tn?1457401728
by Sheaby, Apr 22, 2013
The OPK means you will ovulate within the next 24-36 hours so I would say your temp will probably spike tomorrow.

1356013 tn?1396487228
by want2getprego, Apr 22, 2013
I agree with Sheaby!! Baby making time!! :) Baby dust to you!!

1422615 tn?1334064234
by rmmoye, Apr 23, 2013
Ok so temps only went to 97.5.  Dh hurt his back and when he went to the dr they said xray show herniated disk. so all the begging in the world didnt work last night. He told me he would try tonight.

with temps still at 97.5 do i have a chance?

1121300 tn?1426184776
by sherrycoup, Apr 23, 2013
Sorry rmm :(  if he has a hern disc he won't be able too. My hubby has bad back and can barely move some days. Don't worry about temps!  Just that you got you+ and go from there :). This is your turn

1422615 tn?1334064234
by rmmoye, Apr 23, 2013
I hope so... maybe we will all be  two weeks apart.  Trying found out 2 weeks ago, u found out  yesterday and so maybe i will find in in two weeks.

They also told me that he had a muscle that was spasming  constantly. he said the ran from his spin to the front. dh said tht the dr touched his stomach and he about hit him.  

4548024 tn?1590005019
by renae176, Apr 23, 2013
Hey, just wanted to tell you my experience, i still take my temps daily but when my OPKs are pos , i dont always get a temp spike, i think its diff for everywoman if you look at my tracker u will see , i O 8dpiui ago, and my temp did not rasie. All the best to you, if you want to talk im here.

1422615 tn?1334064234
by rmmoye, Apr 23, 2013
thanks girl!!

1742167 tn?1436471720
by heather727, Apr 23, 2013
It can sometimes take a day or so to ovulate after a positive OPK and then another day or two for your temp to spike. So yes, it's possible to have a positive OPK and no temp spike for a couple days. Hopefully hubby's back feels better so you can BD. ;)

1383908 tn?1457401728
by Sheaby, Apr 23, 2013
So sorry to hear about your DH's back...DB just went through surgery last August to correct a ruptured herniated disc, and now it has reruptured again :(  Back problems are no fun, and are usually lifelong issues.  Hopefully that can get his pain regulated!!

1422615 tn?1334064234
by rmmoye, Apr 23, 2013
I am hoping that he can make it through the cruise with no major issues. dr would not do anything until we get back.  I told him i would take it easy on him tonight.

1422615 tn?1334064234
by rmmoye, Apr 24, 2013
Ok girls temps still at 97.5 the last two mornings.  from 97.3.  dh and i bded. Im not holding my breath that this will work.

i am assuming the clomid threw my temps off.

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