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Apr 24, 2013 - 0 comments

Ok, first of all, I found out that my "palpitations" were actually esphogeal spasms.   The story of how I found out is long, I freaked out and went to the Emergency room.  There I was hooked up to the machine while I had one.  It didn't affect my heart at all, it was my esophagus.  Sheesh.

Ok so these spasms are either caused by GERD, or allergies.  And anxiety makes them worse.  They are not sure why GERD causes them but it's possible that acid eats into your esophagus and begins to disturb the nerves there.  It mimics a heat palpitation because it rests against the heart.

I find it suspicious that I never have them on Sundays.  Never!  I also don't work Saturdays usually.  I think this is either connected to the stress of working, or it could be something I'm coming into contact with while I work.  OR it could be a suddenly developed food allergy.  But I'm suspicious of my spray tan.  I put it all over right before I go to work.  Allergies are a delayed reaction.  Soooo.....I work.  The next day - spasms.  I'm going to skip wearing it for a while and see what happens to my "palpitations".

I've been wearing this spray tan for years, but I always wondered if it could be good for me.  It could be attacking an already weakened area in my body, my esophagus, that is already sensitive.

I just find it very suspicious that this has NEVER happened on a Sunday.

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