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8 Weeks!

Apr 27, 2013 - 5 comments

Time for an update.

After a horror first few weeks with Incidious, anal burning, diarrhoea, rashes, heartburn, crashing HGB levels from 146 to 75, platelets from 168 to 55, bleeding gums, spontaneously bleeding nose, my Ribavirin was lowered slowly (over 2 weeks at Week 2) from 1200mg to just 400mg. After a blood transfusion at about the 4-5th week, everything seems to have settled down.

I was still DET at Week4, but a log drop of about 6 saw me with HCV Viral Load of 15, after starting TX with VL17,000,000.
WEEK 8 - I AM UNDETECTED. hepC RNA NAA (quan) 2.0X10(6)  Log 10 IU/mL    6.3

My thyroid has also settled: T4 levels could be high because I doubled my dose of Thyroxine from 100mg to 200mg.
Wk4                                    Wk8                              OCT 2012
free T4  14.3                   free T4    24
free T3    3.1                   free T3     4.2
TSH      14.3                   TSH        0.4

Albumin 31                    Albumin    28 (L)                 Albumin   32
ALP       73                      ALP       64 (h)                     ALP    140
AST       41 (h)                 AST       48 (h)                     AST     150
ALT       31 (h)                  ALT        32 (h)                     ALT      99
GGT      75 (h)                  GGT       42 (h)                    GGT     524

So, things are settling down. I just think my body went WHOAH! what the ****! And went into 'Oh my Giddy Aunt, what's this?'
So, time to plod on.

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766573 tn?1365166466
by Idyllic, Apr 28, 2013
Hey Congrats.
I am not sure I understand the 2.0X or what the 6.3 means but glad you are UND.
Your TSH sure fell into place in four weeks time :)

4950316 tn?1394184585
by asle, Apr 28, 2013
Isn't that great?
I wasn't sure what that all meant either. I thought the 6.3 may be the log drop.
I was freakin that the reduced Riba may **** everything up for getting UND by WK12. But, body rallied.
Just can't wait to to stop Incidious in 2 weeks. Firstly FATS! Gees, am I sick of all that forcefeeding.
Then to see what my body doess when they slowly increase the Riba.
Interesting times!

Avatar universal
by nzkiwilife, Apr 28, 2013
Well done you!
What a intro you had - so glad its settled down now and esp now being UND.
You will feel miles better once off the incivek and it is just around the corner.
Soldier on; you're doing great.

4652753 tn?1364581946
by lrup1952, Apr 28, 2013
You really have done well!  Incivik will soon be a thing of the past and you really will feel better.  

Time keeps moving and you will keep moving with it!

Hang in there!

1815939 tn?1377991799
by pooh55811, Apr 28, 2013
Congratulations on being UND. Best of luck going forward.

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