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Leaking fluid??? need advice.

Apr 28, 2013 - 13 comments

Ok because we share everything and today I had "an episode". I had a lunch event to attend today and noticed when I got out of the car my sundress was "wet" in the back?? I know that we can have some "fluid leakage" but should I be concerned? Im not having any contractions and she is active. Intentionally I came home, undressed and sat on my bed (powder blue sheets) to see was I just sweating....after a few minutes there was a small "moisture mark" on the sheets. Im in bed now with my feet up. I have a dr appt at 8am or should I not wait and go to er tonite?

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982214 tn?1471454781
by krichar, Apr 28, 2013
It's completely up to you but at this stage of the game sometimes it's our bladders failing us :( I remember starting around 20 weeks running to the toilet every time I felt a sneeze or cough and by the end it just happened sometimes. But if it'll put your mind at ease to in

2100308 tn?1388496839
by Yrmacias, Apr 28, 2013
I have no idea, but hoping it' will b ok. Xoxo

334926 tn?1436811523
by butterflybabies, Apr 28, 2013
For me I didn't leak but just had extra mucous/moisture down there which is normal cause of your hormones.

982214 tn?1471454781
by krichar, Apr 28, 2013
^^ that too

961574 tn?1520648103
by mhv, Apr 28, 2013
I don't know....sorry.  I think for peace of mind, you could call your docs office, and the recording will have a phone number for the doc on call.  Just call and run it by them and see what they say.  I am sure many ladies have called for less. :).

1351078 tn?1416313146
by retta483, Apr 28, 2013
i had a episode like that with my last baby . fluid would come down my leg on its own . it happend again at the dr she looked under a micrascope to see if it was amniotic fluid and it wasnt it was urine :O i was so embarrased but it was my 6th baby so i have a weak bladder i guess. hope its not amniotic fluid . i think your ok to wait until morning but make sure you stay hydrated .

294043 tn?1354207946
by Helen72, Apr 28, 2013
I would call ob on call.  

1545464 tn?1376704158
by babyhope40527, Apr 28, 2013
Hope you feel better soon :( you must be really nervous. Pls call your doc

342693 tn?1425621476
by bfromthed, Apr 29, 2013
Went to dr today did amniotic fluid was found but she did say that there was lots of moisture? Any who her heart was 140 and I had a nst monitoring for 20 minutes today to monitor her movements. Bk in 2 weeks for dr visit and next u/s in 3 weeks... They will remove the cerclage 7/1 and c section 7/8 as long as things continue to go well.

1276121 tn?1420860600
by Dolphin05, Apr 29, 2013
I'm glad all is going well! Why are they doing your c-section so early?

2100308 tn?1388496839
by Yrmacias, Apr 29, 2013
Glad you and baby are ok :)

342693 tn?1425621476
by bfromthed, Apr 29, 2013
@dolphin they told me originally 2 to 3 weeks in advanced 37 weeks is full term they will do some testing the day before if all is well with her development ten the plan stays

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by claritasj, Apr 29, 2013
oh, that never happened to me but only sweat from the AZ heat can confuse anybody haha

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