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ultra sound

Apr 22, 2013 - 0 comments

we had an ultra sound this morning as well as my first weekly appointment.  The u/s was quick.  they just check for fluid, size of baby, heart beat.  All checked out good.  She's weighing in at 5 lbs 10 oz so far (typical for 36 weeks)  If she puts on 1/2 lb a week, she'll be just under 8 lbs at birth.  We did get some photos from the u/s but they are quite grainy.  I posted them anyways.  It was neat to see her position in my belly.  As i suspected, her butt is up near my right ribs and her head is down.  Placenta to my left side.  Which is why my belly looks a little lopsided to me.  baby is all on the right side making it higher than the left.  At one point during the u/s we saw her foot up near her head!  She's running out of room.
The OB appointment went well.  blood pressure good.  weight, err.  urine, good.  they did the culture for strep b and i'll find out the results at next weeks appointment.
Doc did internal exam and said I was softening but hadn't dialated or thinned out yet.  Just shy of 36 weeks, doc said softening was right on target for my delivery date.

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