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Took Rhett to feed the ducks this weekend.

Mar 30, 2009 - 3 comments

This weekend DH and I loaded up the kids and went out to our county park where the duck ponds are.  We took lots of bread and Logan's girlfriend.  It has been a tradition for me. All my babies have gone to feed the ducks.  When Logan was little, my mom and I took him all the time.  

At first Rhett was not getting it at all.  My older kids were having a blast though. I am posting pics from this weekend. In one you will notice the crumbs around Rhett's mouth! (he was sharing the bread!) But, after a bit, he got the hang of it and was trying to throw it to them.  

I am also posting pics of Rhett and his big Pooh bear.  He attacks it, wrestles it, bites it, and hugs it. It is hilarious.

Anyway, we had a great weekend.  The weather was beautiful and I just wanted to share!

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by mlb1234, Apr 01, 2009
Izzy would love to feed the ducks!  At my moms there is a place where the ducks and geese come right up to you and take the bread from your hand.  I will bring her there this summer as well as my camera!  She will be eye to eye with them!  She saw the baby farm animals at the zoo this weekend and LOVED the goats and chickens.  She laughed at them and they really liked her too!  It was so cute!!

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by lhughes, Jun 10, 2009
Funny story: on our "duck pond" in Pville... we've been there a billion times and ONE day, Lauren took a spill (she was about 2.5 years old or so) and started crying.  My Mom sat down on a bench with her to comfort her, I was with Kathryn not too far away watching some baby ducks.  And this duck/bird thing...I think it's a goose actually... (one in a pack of 3 that think they own the park) walks up to Lauren and bites her on the thigh!  yes, bit her!  (she wasn't really hurt, just rather freaked out about it)  Had another woman not been there, that duck would have been dinner.  The other woman kinda corralled the duck and comforted it?!  Called it Rafael of all names.  That was even weirder than the duck bite.

So anyway, Lauren goes to church the next Sunday and see our friend who is the Director of the Parks service for Prattville...she walks right up to him and says "That duck bit me!"

So, now how many months later... whenever she sees him, she still tells him "that duck bit me!"  Thankfully that's the only lasting memory from it, she's not a bit scared.

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by montie2, Jun 10, 2009
Oh my gosh! Yeah, we would have been having duck for dinner too! For sure!! Ok, and I love the freaky lady that comforted the freakin' duck!

Our town is full of crazies too!!!

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