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Preggo Again!!!????

Mar 31, 2009 - 1 comments










  Well last friday i found out i was preggo again!! Im excited but optimistic!! I'm scared and overwhelmed!! I want things to go right this time around! My dr office has taken alot of precautions this time so maybe im in luck!! My dr says im too overweight to have a healthy pregnancy!! My friends my mom and I all think he's crazy alot of obese women give birth to healthy babies every year so i dont want to hear that ****!! Right now they have me on a prenatal...not to bad! They also have me on a shot of lovenox i have to give myself a shot everyday! They also have me on progesterone! Now that is the worst of them all i have to put a pill into my vaginal area and let it dissolve!! EEWWWW but like my husband says what ever helps to give us the healthy baby we have so long waited for we will do! My levels were 23 on saturday and they were 48 on monday so thats a good start!! We are keeping out fingers crossed that everything goes well tomorrow too when i go to get my levels checked again!!

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by jessabella, Mar 31, 2009
Congrats on your pregnancy and I hope all turns out well =)

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