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Bizzare side effect - anyone else have weird ones?

May 08, 2013 - 0 comments

This may sound weird? So when my eyes are closed it is dark - pitch black. If there is a loud noise my eyes light up like a Xmas tree. This is just for the split second while the noise is happening.
Am just curious... (not worried)
Am still feeling so much better after the incivek.
Hgb still low - 87 (8.7 usa) so am not going back up to original riba dose. Medical team wants to see it at at least 90 before upping the riba. Nurse reckons I am particularly sensitive to it so should not affect svr.
My appetite has gone crazy! I am eating heaps and eating stuff I wouldn't normally eat. My stomach is enormous.
I hope it doesn't stay like this.
Energy levels have increased. Did some vacuuming the other day. Must take care not to overdo things as I pay for it the next day.
Overall, feeling pretty good (relatively speaking) and happy that the incivek part is over!

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