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May 14, 2013 - 1 comments

arnold chiari syndrome

I have a Chiari malformation and i am in desperate need of surgery. I live in Orlando FL. I wanted to do some research on what i have and i came across this post. I'm sacred because i had no idea that there was this much stuff involved, recovery time, pain after recovery. I just thought i would be able to have the surgery and be free of the pain rightaway!! My Drs have kept me completely ignorant of what is really going on with me!! The only person whotold me the truth was my anesthesiologist/ pain mgmt dr. i need a good Dr in my area that takes Medicaid. I have been unable to do anything, not work, take care of my kids, nothing!! I just saw the pics a few his ago of these people who have theses long scars, that are apparently called zipper heads!!  You are calling your selves  chiarians, there's can be pain 3 mnths to 2 years after surgery.... Help me please!! This is crazy!

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by randomlycurious23, Feb 01, 2014
You have spoken for me!

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